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Business owners! Your employees are important ambassadors for Waterton. Provide them with the most current information about Waterton from Parks by downloading the Waterton Resource Guide.

Did you know you can rent our community buildings for your events and activities in Waterton? We are proud to offer the Lion's Hall and our newly renovated Community Center (which will open July 2012) to host your events in Waterton. These facilities have been used for events like reunions, wedding receptions, dances, sports activities, forums, conferences, retreats, and the like. Help us spread the word! CLICK HERE for information on our Facility Rentals

Meet your Watertonians

The community of Waterton Lakes National Park is a gathering of people from all over the world, although the majority claim roots in the surrounding communities.  Just a small handful of 20-30 people claim Waterton as their permanent year-round residence.  Generally from May through September, business owners, employees, and park visitors return for the summer to do business in the park or simply to enjoy living in the quiet town nestled in the midst of the majestic Rockies and impressive flora and fauna. 

The park's location off the beaten path and a tradition of family ownership have helped the people of Waterton maintain strong ties to this community.  A number community groups work together to improve the experience of living in Waterton. You can learn about each of these groups and their past and present projects on the Community Groups page.

Whether you live in Waterton year-round or live here seasonally, this section of will help you stay informed of everything from Parks Canada initiatives to making the most of your recycling efforts. Take some time to explore what the people of Waterton are up to.

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