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Whether you are coming here for the very first time or are someone who visits over and over again, Waterton is a place of renewed discovery. Each and every time you make the 8-kilometre journey from the park gates into our village, you will find something new to take in. The Waterton experience is all around you and its beauty and adventure will never disappoint.

These Gems represent only the "tip of the iceberg" of the Waterton experience. They might inspire you to explore a new trail or journey to a pristine mountain lake. Perhaps you'll encounter a one-of-a-kind painting in one of our galleries or learn something new about our history. Take some time to explore one or all of them.

If you've already been lucky enough to experience one (or more) of them, we sincerely invite you to share your story. Because if you've been here, you already know that Waterton is so much more than a destination. It is an experience like no other place you've ever been.

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