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Most of the 400,000 people who visit Waterton every year are drawn by the park's natural beauty. Once here, they're happy to discover that Waterton is alive with many different things to do that include everything from viewing pristine landscapes to thrill-seeking adventure.

Even with our many visitors, our park is managed to remain an uncrowded natural paradise, where people, wildlife and nature peacefully co-exist all year long. While you will find lots to do in this beautiful setting, you definitely won't experience traffic jams (unless there's a bear sighting), big-box shopping or Starbucks on every corner.

We invite you to explore ... and discover the pure experience of Waterton Park.

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Waterton is a rare jewel made up of many gems. Discover just a few of some of our favourite places and things to do. This is also a place for you to share your own Waterton experiences.

Waterton is a hiker's dream, with world class trails such as Crypt Lake Trail and many others to suit hikers of all skill levels.

This Stanley Thompson-inspired 18-hole course will take your breath away and remind you of why you love the game of golf.

From fine-dining, to mouth-watering pizza or delicious lake-side lunches, Waterton offers every age and palate something to smile about.

From souvenirs to boutique shopping, awesome sporting goods to fine art, shopping in Waterton has something for every taste and budget.

By water, tour bus, bicycle or snowshoe, there are so many ways to explore our beautiful park.

Horseback Riding
Enjoy a quiet ride through beautiful pastures, rolling hills and breathtaking mountains trails, either on your own or with an experienced guide.

Experience Waterton from the comfort of a traditional surrey bicycle built for two (or more) or explore designated trails from the freedom of a mountain bike.

From windsurfing and canoeing to international boat tours, experience the pure beauty of our lakes.


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