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Our Seasons

A reason to visit any season.

Waterton is nature's playground and summer brings an abundance of wildlife.

Photo: Chinook Country Tourism

Waterton is truly a four season playground. Changes in the weather bring an entirely new list of must-do things to the park.


Summer is undoubtedly the most celebrated season here. The park is brimming with activity and the weather is conducive to all kinds of adventures. Campers could stay for the entire season, wallowing in the wonder of sun-washed days and starlit nights from June through September. All the hiking trails are open, wildlife wanders freely through the park, and the town site is a hub of special events and programs. Summer is the season of open exploration in Waterton. Days are long, nights are warm, and every possible adventure, from trail riding to windsurfing awaits you.


When leaves begin to fall and the air turns crisp, it’s time to gear up for the colourful display of Wateron in autumn. September and October are often unseasonably warm here, so fall is a great season to soak up Waterton’s amazing scenery – which is awash in golden hues at this time of year. Bear and elk and other large mountain animals are at their most striking in this season – their glossy coats and full grown antlers are on impressive display. Thousands of birds flock and take wing for the winter. There’s no-pressure golf, quiet campgrounds and vacant hiking trails, and town site is winding down to a wonderful dull roar.


Winter brings deep quiet to Waterton, but does not diminish its beauty. Snow and ice transform the park to a frozen haven. If you like to snowshoe, ice climb, ski cross country, ice skate or simply hear the crunch of snow under your feet, a visit between November and February should definitely be on your agenda. Fireplaces are blazing at every lodge and Bed & Breakfast, and there’s plenty of warmth to share among those who make Waterton their home year-round.


When snow gives way to buds and blooms, spring has sprung in Waterton. This is a season of stirring. Wildlife wakes up and so does Waterton’s plant life. Wildflowers blanket the park and rivulets of water trickle everywhere as the cloak of winter begins to melt away. River rafting doesn’t get more exhilarating, and every shop and restaurant throws open its shutters for a new season of visitors.