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Waterton Village

If the heart of Waterton Lakes National Park is its pure beauty, then the Waterton Village is its pulse.
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About Waterton

If the heart of Waterton Lakes National Park is its rugged natural beauty, then Waterton Village is its pulse. This tiny, vibrant town site is an epicenter of activity, full of fun possibilities, great accommodations, necessary conveniences, and dining experiences that run the gamut from casual to white linen.

The best part? Waterton is decidedly low key – and despite the park’s popularity, you’ll never have to fight crowds while wandering the streets. Somehow or other, Waterton has managed to maintain its authenticity and its exclusivity. This is a truly natural mountain municipality – the very kind of place you envision when conjuring up ideas of an unspoiled mountain town. It’s rustic, it’s friendly, and it offers everything a visitor may want or need, whether staying for a few hours or a few days.  


Waterton Chamber of Commerce
Box 55
Waterton, AB T0K 2M0