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A Winter's Day in Waterton

Inside the Park
Tips to enhance your winter escape in Waterton

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Waterton in the winter, becomes quiet and isolated, tailoring its experience to the real rejuvenators looking to escape the busyness of life.  With that in mind, we have created a sample itinerary to aid you in making your journey to Waterton a memorable one. 

Sunrise:  Watch the sunrise from Lower Waterton Lake pull-out on the Entrance Parkway

Breakfast:  Vimy’s Lounge is a great way to start the day on a full stomach!

Morning Activity:  Any one of these activities are sure to create memories to last a lifetime:
 • Snow-shoeing/Cross country skiing:  Bring your own or rent them at Waterton Lakes Lodge.  First timers, try the road to Cameron Lake; if you’re looking for more of a challenge try the Crandell Lake trail!
 • Build a snowman/Tobogganing:  Enjoy these timeless activities with mountains as your backdrop. 
 • Walks in Waterton:
             o Bears Hump:  Weather permitting, this is an iconic viewpoint of Waterton and worth the 40-50-minute hike!  Be sure to bring hiking poles, as the trail can become icy in warmer weather.
             o Waterton Village: There’s something intimate about walking down the middle of the street in silence through the Waterton winterscape.   

Lunch (weekends only):  Warm up by the fire pit at Weiners of Waterton and indulge in one of their mouth-watering hot dogs, or locally sourced smokie, with fresh, hand-made buns and a creative selection of toppings!

Afternoon Activity:
 • Wildlife viewing: The Blakiston Fan, which is south of the Entrance Parkway, between Lower and Middle Waterton Lakes, often plays host to hundreds of elk, and if you stop near the gate area, there is a chance you might even get to see them crossing the Waterton River.
 • Skating:  If you’re ambitious enough to clear the ice, Linnet Lake is a great place to go skating or even have an impromptu game of hockey    
     Note: Always contact warden’s office before venturing onto the ice)

Sunset Viewing:  Many locals and visitors would agree that Cameron Falls is the most magical in the winter but it’s something you need to see for yourself as no Waterton trip should be without this view


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**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the 2017 Kenow fires some activities are unavailable. Check our Facebook page for updates here.

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teresa bailey 12/2/2016
In 1984 graduated from sait culinary school passed my first sommer job salad chef prince of whales hotel it was great enjoyed it !
Rafael Rebolone 12/27/2016
Waterton Lakes is one of my favourite destinations year around. I enjoy so much the oportunity that the park offers to enjoy nature in all its forms. Love the place.
G Kondo 2/2/2017
Grew up in Raymond area so I made many trips to enjoy Waterton.
Hala Sroujie 2/5/2017
Last summer I went for the first time me and my kids I felt my self I am in haven