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Arts Council Survey August 2015


Most of the participants are interested and/or performing photography, followed by painting/drawing and music. Interestingly there is also quite an interest in music, writing and performing arts.


87% of the people answering are 50+, 10% 30-49 and only 1 answer (3%) came from a 19-29 year old person. 72% are interested in arts and 25% consider themselves artists (5 professional [14%] and 4 amateur [11%]).

Social Media

Not surprisingly the majority is using Facebook (39%) as their often or daily used social media channel. It is very interesting that 27% are using their own website or blog. Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are only used by few people, which might reflect the age group.

What art is Waterton a good place for?

The most popular answers were painting/drawing, photography, writing and music.

Providing content for WPCA social media

There is a willingness of 11 people to provide content for the WPCA.

Participation in Arts Council

Advisory Board: 9
Arts Council: 6
Volunteering: 7


The survey showed that there is quite an interest in building an Arts Council in Waterton and we have now quite a few names that want to be part of it. Due to the lack of younger people responding we should find a way to include more of that demographic. As expected, painting/drawing, photography, writing and music are the top topics, which could be covered.

7 business owners responded, however there are no significant activities regarding arts that could be identified.