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Covid-19 Updates

Travelling to Waterton during Covid-19

There are still opportunities for you to have memorable connections with loved ones through the various activities available in Waterton. You name it, Waterton has it, and it has it the way mountain park enthusiasts love it best – unspoiled, uncrowded, and unbelievably beautiful.

Waterton is known for its legendary hiking but what makes it special is the people. Waterton is a community built on generations of locally owned and operated businesses with an abundance of heart and passion.

Reopening Businesses

On Friday, May 29, 2020, each business was visited by Alberta Health & Safety to have their plans approved to ensure social distancing practices measures are in effect. To ensure additional protection of both visitors and staff, most businesses are taking extra steps beyond what is required. Individual health and safety plans will be uploaded in the coming weeks so please reference each business landing page on our website.

Each business has its individual opening date. For more information on what businesses are open, please “Waterton is Open”.

Hiking Trails

Many trails are open June 1 offering breathtaking viewpoints for all hiking levels to explore this International Peace Park. To find out detailed information on the hiking experience of trail checkout our dedicated Trails page.

Parks Canada

Parks Canada will begin a safe, gradual opening of some outdoor locations in select national parks, national historic sites, and national marine conservation areas starting June 1, 2020
Parks Canada is currently evaluating new measures to ensure your safety and comfort on some trails. Please refer to the Parks Canada page to understand more health & safety practices in detail.

Be Safe

We look forward to seeing you in Waterton this summer. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our community, staff and visitors are a priority. To assist us in staying safe, please help us by taking the following steps when experiencing Waterton Lakes National Park.

  • When exploring our picturesque trails and towns, maintain a distance of two metres when you encounter fellow adventurers. Be aware of the need to step to the side to create distance from passersby, and do your best to keep a healthy distance from those ahead of you on the path or trail.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, and make use of hand sanitizer where available.
  • Avoid gatherings that involve larger groups.
  • Refer to Alberta Health Services guidelines on travelling.
  • Remember to be extra cautious and avoid injury to minimize the demands placed on local emergency response teams.
  • Take out what you take in. Carry your garbage with you until you can dispose of it in a safe manner, and keep our pristine national park as pure as possible.
  • Respect wildlife and give wild animals plenty of space. In Waterton, they are in abundance as it is not uncommon to see them roaming the streets or sunbathing on a local’s lawn. Please keep your animals on a leash and maintain a safe distance while sharing our park with our local wildlife.