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WPCA - Waterton Park Community Association

The WPCA owns and operates the Waterton Community Center, the Lions Hall, the Waterton Lakes Golf Course.

The Community Center and Lions Hall are available to rent for meetings, weddings, athletic activities, and reunions.  We encourage you to take advantage of these facilities as you plan your activities in beautiful Waterton.


"Enhancing the Waterton Lakes National Parks experience"


"The Waterton Park Community Association provides recreational, educational, cultural and social opportunities for our community and its visitors."


  • Preservation and sustainability of the community/Park experience
  • Peace, tranquility and natural beauty/ecological integrity
  • Transparency/openness/communication/ accountability
  • Strong sense of Community
  • Welcoming attitude/Good neighbor policy
  • Co-operation and partnerships with Parks and groups that share our values

WPCA Board of Directors

Mary Ann Reeves (President), Bill Little (Vice President Finance), Tim Millar (Vice President Legal and Governance), James Weisgerber (Director and Golf Course Liaison), Brenda Ringdahl (Director and Fund Raising Chair).

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Kristofor Jensen - Operations Officer
PO Box 144
Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0