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Bertha Lake

Inside the Park
Stunning views of several waterfalls, including the long cascade of Upper Bertha Falls.
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About this Trail

Just off Evergreen Street in Waterton village, a mere stone’s throw past Cameron Falls, lies the trailhead to one of Waterton’s most accessible and popular hiking trails – the trail to Bertha Lake.

It’s a moderate excursion to the base of Bertha Falls, at which point the trail steepens sharply, leading you upward and onward along a series of switchbacks up the slope of Mount Richards. It’s not all huffing and puffing though. Along the way your eyes will be filled by the beauty of upper Bertha Falls, a crystal clear cascade of rushing mountain water that’s at its most impressive early in the season.

Six kilometers in, nestled in a natural amphitheater created by Mount Richards, Mount Alderson and Bertha Peak, rests Bertha Lake – and what a sight it is to see. Bring a picnic lunch – there are plenty of tables, and besides, you’ll definitely want to stay a while. Or maybe even camp overnight at one of the many well maintained tent sites.


4.5 Hours


10.4 km / 6.5 mi.


Day Hike




460 m / 1,509 ft.


This is a continuation of Bertha Falls. The trailhead for that hike is well marked and is located on Evergreen St. in Waterton townsite, about 500m past Cameron Falls.


Equestrian (except July & August), Hiking, Camping

Trail Terrain and Surfaces



Waterton Lakes National Park
Box 200
Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0


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Barry 11/8/2015
Did the hike to Bertha Lake in October. My wife and I hiked to the falls in the summer. I did the Lake. Pretty grueling for a recovering ex-smoker. I did it, and got some beautiful pictures in the process. Please keep this area as it is. I have found my place, and it is Waterton
Lesley 7/14/2018
Bertha Lake is my favourite lake. My husband and I have been up to this lake 4 times, the walk around it is fantastic. The trail to the lower falls is usually busy but in my experience, the traffic is usually light up to the lake. It is quite a steep climb but so worth it. When the flowers are out all around the lake it’s so beautiful. I haven’t been since the fires last year and have no idea what to expect. Waterton was, until the fires destroyed the trails, my favourite place, I hope the land recovers quickly.
Lesley 7/21/2018
Of all the lakes I've been to, Bertha is my favourite. This was our first time back since the fires last year and I was very anxious to see what devastation had been caused. The hike up was definitely different. Most of the dense forest has indeed been destroyed, in the place of lush forest stand charcoal trunks and much has fallen. But by some miracle, the lake area has survived and is still a beautiful sight. There is one small area where the trees have burned but in the grand scheme of things, this magnificent lake is still worth the hike up!
John - July 2018. 8/27/2018
Hiked to Bertha lake in mid July. The tough climb with the switchbacks was worth it once we got to this beautiful lake. Had a nice rest while eating lunch. Seeing the damage from the fires was sad but the wildflowers and wild grasses have returned and were beautiful. All in all a great say