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Live Inside The Postcard - On our Water Sports Rentals, Sales, and Adventures
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About this Equipment Rental Company

On your next trip, see Waterton Lakes National Park from a completely different perspective. Find mysterious hidden coves and spectacular mountain views that are hidden gems only experienced from the water. Watch a bald eagle soar overhead and see bears in their natural habitat. From your vantage point on your paddleboard, kayak, or canoe a new Waterton is at your fingertips. Stop. Reflect. And enjoy this unique and beautiful experience.

Blakiston & Co. Adventures a division of Four Oceans, provides the experience you and your friends and family can experience together, providing shared memories for years to come. Don’t just send a postcard home, be the postcard. #LiveInsideThePostcard


You can now RESERVE YOUR RENTAL ONLINE at our new website:


Blakiston & Co. Adventures rentals, a division of Four Oceans, provides the experience you will be telling your friends about for years to come. This is one of the best ways a family large or small can explore the lake shore, enjoy all the elements, and each others company all at the same time. 

Paddlers often see bears swimming the crossing, bald eagles soaring over head; nothing could be more amazing! The wildlife around the lake is abundant and one of the best ways to safely see bears. 

Come by the Crandell Mountain Lodge Garage, and you'll find a hidden gem in the Waterton Townsite. 

Our servies include:

Paddle board and Kayak Rentals, Sales, Lessons, Excursions, Corporate Events, and SUP Yoga

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80 Evergreen Ave Crandell Mountain - Garage
Waterton , AB T0K 2M0


  • Child Friendly
  • Sports and Action
  • Universally Accessible

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Cynthia Booth 7/7/2017
I cannot say enough good things about this company! Recently, my family and I were in Waterton, camping at Bertha Bay. Our Lab wore the pads off her feet and couldn't walk at all. Considering the length of the hike, it would have been impossible to get her back down off the mountain. My daughter and I hiked back down off the mountain and went to Blakiston to rent a canoe so we could rescue our dog. The owner and staff were all very sympathetic to our situation and gave us a discount for the canoe. They listened to our concerns as I had never canoed before and was nervous. The owner actually even came out to the site to make sure we got there ok. The dog got out ok, without incident and is healing nicely. I wish all companies were conscientious as this one!!! Thank you from the Booth family....St. Albert, Albert. PS Turns out I like canoeing and Waterton. I'll be back to say hi and go canoeing!!
Sue 8/5/2018
The staff at Blakiston were great to deal with. We rented a canoe for an hour and we're very happy with the equipment and advice. We highly recommend Blakiston!