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Building a Snowman!

Remember how fun it really is!
Nick Alexander

Building a snowman is time tested and still one of the best ways to connect with your loved ones. This activity is not the latest model and it doesn’t come with warranty; You don’t have to stand in line or fight the crowds and you certainly don’t have to watch that dreaded show for the one thousandth time. However, new or old, this activity seems to still be in several winter films and do you notice how everyone looks so… Happy?? It almost as if in that moment, life is just perfect. Here in Waterton, we do not profess to be perfect. However, Waterton does provide the catalyst for perfect moments to transpire.

Put the cell phone down and invest some quality time in this classic activity. The best part is in the winter, Waterton is uncrowded so you feel like you have the place to yourself. Sure, you can build a snowman in your own backyard, but in ours, the laughter can echo for miles.

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