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Crandell Lake Trail

Inside the Park
The whole family will enjoy this short, lakeside trail running from the Akamina Parkway to the Red Rock Parkway.
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About this Trail

Whether you approach from the north via Red Rock Parkway, from the south from Akimina Parkway, or start out via the Crandell Mountain Campground access road, Crandell Lake Trail is a short (1.12 km from Akimina Parkway and 1.9 km from Red Rock Parkway) scenic, and easy hike that the entire family will enjoy. Now open to bikes!

The trail rambles gently in either direction, revealing stunning views of Mount Dungarvan, Blackiston Creek, Mount Crandell, and of course its glorious namesake, Crandell Lake. Resting pristinely in a low forested saddle between Mount Crandell and Ruby Ridge, Crandell Lake is a treat for the eyes at the end of the trail. Emerald green in colour and often still as glass, the lake invites hikers to sit and admire it for a while. An on site picnic shelter and wood stove make this proposition even more enticing.

Gorgeously lush in the summer, Crandell Lake Trail is also a popular snowshoeing destination when winter  comes around.


1 - 1.25 Hours


4 km / 2.18 mi.


Short Hike




Gain - 150 m Maximum - 5300


Trailhead access is at the Crandell Lake trailhead on the Akamina Parkway OR behind the Canyon Church Camp off the Redrock Parkway. The camp road is about 1km past the entrance to Crandell Campground.


Cross Country Skiing, Equestrian, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Camping

Trail Terrain and Surfaces



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