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Fall & Winter in Waterton

Things to do in Waterton this fall and winter.

Waterton in fall and winter is ideal for the real "rejuvinators" interested in unplugging and re-connecting with oneself and loved ones. Most of the businesses are boarded up but don’t let that deter you— through these cooler months, you really get to feel like you own the town and can always find more.

  • More Space, Less Crowds- Enough said!
  • More wildlife, less cars- Although amazing to watch, please remember to practice wildlife safety
  • More colors- Those beautiful fall colors start to pop!
  • More savings- Off season rates are available in the fall and winter!

Waterton creates an experience of solitude as the former busy streets once filled with vehicles and visitors are now occupied by wildlife, the real locals of the park. There are many unique vantage points to soak up fall in Waterton, please read below to learn about our top recommended activities and businesses that are currently open.**

Please note: There are no available gas stations or grocery stores in Waterton in the fall and winter season. Please ensure your re-fuel and bring groceries! There are two restaurants open and ready to serve.

Businesses open in Winter:



Fall/Winter Activities

Starry Skies Townsite Stroll Tours
Cameron Lake
Snowshoe/Crosscountry skiing Trails (cross country/snowshoe)
Other Winter Activities in Waterton

Check back soon for the most up to date fall/winter offerings!

Top Five Scenic views

  1. Bears Hump- short but steep one hour hike that provides a beautiful view of the townsite. This view is the most famous view and a definite favourite trail of locals and visitors alike.
  2. Crandell Lake- An easy hike the whole family can enjoy, and the views of this stunning stunning emerald green lake never disappoints!
  3. Bertha Point- Check out the view of the townsite from a new vantage point and take in some 360 degree views of the Waterton Valley.
  4. Prince of Wales Hill- Either drive up to view our iconic Waterton valley behind the POW or take a stroll up the Prince of Wales Hill. * Please note, the POW is not open in fall/winter. *
  5. Lower Rowe Lake- The perfect place to sit and take in the sounds of nature.