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The Bear's Hump

Inside the Park
The Bears Hump is a short, strenuous but rewarding climb that begins at the Waterton Visitor Resource Centre.
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About this Trail

**This hike is currently closed due to the 2017 Kenow Wildfire. Parks Canada is working hard to get this reopened we will keep you posted ! For hikes that are open you can also check the Parks Canada website **

The Bears Hump is a short, strenuous but rewarding climb that begins at the Waterton Visitor Resource Centre.  Once known as Bear Mountain by the Piikani (Blackfoot) tribe for its humplike appearance, this rocky trail becomes a veritable staircase by the half way mark yet ends on the flat dome of the "Hump".

At the end of this climb, you will be greeted by spectacular views of Waterton Valley and Mount Cleveland, the tallest summit in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.  The luminescent Middle and Lower Waterton Lakes glisten from this vantage point.  The views of the rolling prairies to the north will give you unique and breathtaking insight as to why Waterton is described as "where the mountains meet the prairies".

Bears Hump is a short family hike that allows even the most novice hikers the feeling of standing on top of the world.


1 Hour


2.8 km / 1.8 mi.


Short Hike




225 m / 738 ft.


The trailhead begins behind the Information Centre in Waterton Park.



Trail Terrain and Surfaces

Well defined trail of dirt and rock


Waterton Lakes National Park
Box 200
Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0


  • Challenging
  • Child Friendly
  • Free

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John palmer 5/24/2015
Hi Ienjoyed this trail whe Iworked at The PWH insummer85 and86 from the peak its anexcelent view ofthepeacepark john palmer
Bandar Malak 4/13/2016
My family enjoyed the intimate experience with me and my 17 sisters and my Caucasian wife. 8.5/10
Renee 7/22/2016
Two of my friends and my little dog did this hike a couple days ago. It was definitely a lung burner but so worth it!
Ron Fontaine 7/31/2016
Enjoyed this hike, spectacular Views .
May T 7/13/2017
Absolutely breathtaking! Would go again! Be careful of the wind gusts up there and those chipmunks - they love people and are super adorable!
Nitesh 8/21/2017
It was a good one. I was carrying my 14 kg toddler in my backpack (designed to carry a toddler). This was a challenging and we took one break on our way up. It sure did feel like too much at several points toward the top. Some steps are 18- 12 inch apart so climb with weight on the back can be difficult for many people.
Ruth J 8/25/2017
One step at a time for a 73 year old but worth every step!