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Waterton Village History Walking Tour

Waterton history and walking tour guide.

Take a fascinating walking tour of Waterton's historic commercial and public use buildings. The buildings featured are predominantly pre-1950's, and display the character and pride of heritage that really makes the Waterton town special. The Park Architectural Division was established in 1927, and under the guidance and vision of William Cromarty, chief architect, either designed or helped design many of the featured buildings. Structures were required to have a Swiss chalet inspired design, or Tudor classic, which is why you will see half-timbering features, stonework and gableing as design elements.

The numbers on the list correspond to the numbers on the download-able map.

Special thanks to:
Andrea Becker, walking tour authour and site designer
Chris Morrison, author of "Waterton Chronicles" (bibliography)
Parks Canada
Edwin Knox