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Welch's Chocolate Shop

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Welch's Chocolate shop
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About this Establishment

Since 1965, people from all corners of the world have found their way to Welch's Chocolate Shop, "The Waterton Candy Store", in Waterton Park, Alberta, Canada.  We are a Canadian family operating in two locations. One in Banff National Park and one in Waterton National Park; both in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Our store is wall to wall, floor to ceiling filled with chocolates and candies that are home made and imported from around the world.

Our most cherished childhood memories are attached to the aroma of candy.  It's very common to hear the remark, " I feel like a kid in a candy store", coming from young and old alike.

Our business was built by our customers, candies from their home country, and old wrapper, or simply a description.  My father would seek out the products and mail them out with a bill to follow at a later date.  It was the gentleman's word that built this candy store to have a world famous reputation and something my sister and myself pride ourselves in continuing.

If you are looking for a candy from your childhood, please contact us, we would love to hear from you and will do our best to find an answer.


Carol Robbins
(403) 859-2363
401 Windflower Ave
Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

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E Williams 7/2/2016
always will visit shop when in town, good ice-cream and chocolates and Dutch licorice
Dwight Muse - Utah 8/26/2016
Great ice cream, delectable fudge...the only regret is that I didn't try the "grizzly" until we had hit the road...if I had I would have gone back for a dozen!! Do yourself a favor and visit the bakery before you fill up on all the other goodies