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17th Waterton Wildflower Festival 2020

Step into a wildflower wonderland.

    Come discover why Waterton is the Wildflower Capital of Canada!

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    We invite you to step into a wildflower wonderland, a veritable bouquet of wildflowers in the wildflower capital of Canada. The spectacular setting of Waterton Lakes National Park is home to more than 1,000 vascular plant species including half of all wildflower species found in Alberta. Of those, 175 species are listed as rare in Alberta and 20 are only found in Waterton.

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    From beargrass to orchids, pink meadowsweet, and glacier lilies, learn to identify the different species, see wildflowers from horseback, indulge in an afternoon tea with local experts, and learn about wildflower photography and painting. The possibilities and mediums are endless when learning about Waterton wildflowers during the annual Waterton Wildflower Festival.

    Join us for guided walks, hikes, workshops and presentations. Come celebrate the first day of summer in a World Heritage Site.

    This festival, a program of the Waterton Park Community Association, features many workshops on photography and art, guided walks on plant identification and park ecosystems, family programs, lunchtime and evening photographic presentations and local entertainment.
    Activities include: Wildflower Photography and Painting, Wildflower Identification, Wildflower Connections, Wildflowers by Horseback, as well as an Afternoon Tea with Local Experts.... and more.

    Activities throughout the festival are led by highly qualified professionals, naturalists and scientists who will help make your Festival experience memorable.

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    The Wildflower Festival was a finalist of the 2016 Alto Award in the category: Outstanding Sustainable Tourism.