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Waterton Wildlife Weekend 2017 - Cancelled

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About this Festival

Parks Canada has decided to issue an evacuation order of Waterton Lakes National Park, due to the Kenow Fires. Due to the uncertainty of when we will be able to get back into the park we have decided to cancel this years Wildlife Weekend. We would like to thank all of those that wanted to come and bought tickets this year. We will continue on next year!

Considered the hidden jewel in the Crown of the Continent, Waterton Lakes National Park is the meeting place where multiple ecosystems converge and where the mountains meet the prairies in a stunning visual collision.

Because of these geological and ecological factors, Waterton holds immense wildlife diversity. For its size of just over 505 sq. kilometers, Waterton Lakes National Park holds the most wildlife diversity than any other national park in Canada. In fact, it is very rare to not see some sort of wildlife in Waterton, whether it be a white-tailed deer, big horn sheep, or black bear.

Out of multitude of questions and general curiosity about the diversity of wildlife in Waterton, the Waterton Wildlife Weekend was born.

Join us September 22nd to September 24th, 2017 to learn all about the animals living in the Rocky Mountains and the prairies.

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Please check out the Waterton Wildflower Festival which takes place every year in June.

The Wildlife weekend is taking place during and is a part of science literacy week! Make sure to check that out at


Festival Dates

September 22nd – September 24th, 2017


Waterton Festivals
201 Cameron Falls Dr. P.O. Box 144
Waterton Park T0K 2M0


  • Education and Interpretation
  • Nature and Wildlife
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Sign Our Guest Book

Al Lennemann Spokane WA 12/17/2016
I've just finished the book on the life of JGBrown( Kootenai Brown}and fell in love with the area (Waterton Lake). Hope to visit it soon.
Ceariah 6/8/2017
I had so much fun loved all the animals and the lake and moutains
Shelly 6/22/2017
Waterton is an annual must for me. Pristine beauty and always animals to admire. The wildflowers this year made colorful eye candy along all the trails. Always time for ice cream, shopping, and pleasant chatter with locals. Every year is a new memory and non the same. My happy place!
Richard Leigh 9/4/2017
I first saw Waterton when our scout master rented a school bus and took 20+ scouts from Regina to Waterton for two weeks. This started my life long appreciation for this beautiful park which has grown with many visits through the years - and is now appreciated by my wife, two sons and granddaughter. I understand some of the 20 scouts have shared Waterton with their families - so the gift of our scout master continues to grow.