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Waterton Wildlife Weekend 2018

Inside the Park
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About this Festival

Considered the hidden jewel in the Crown of the Continent, Waterton Lakes National Park is the meeting place where multiple ecosystems converge and where the mountains meet the prairies in a stunning visual collision.

Because of these geological and ecological factors, Waterton holds immense wildlife diversity. For its size of just over 505 sq. kilometres, Waterton Lakes National Park holds the most wildlife diversity than any other national park in Canada. In fact, it is very rare to not see some sort of wildlife in Waterton, whether it be a white-tailed deer, big horn sheep, or black bear.

Out of multitude of questions and general curiosity about the diversity of wildlife in Waterton, the Waterton Wildlife Weekend was born.

Join us September 13 to September 16, 2018 to learn all about the animals living in the Rocky Mountains and the prairies.

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Please check out the Waterton Wildflower Festival which takes place every year in June.


Festival Dates

September 13th – September 16th, 2018


Waterton Festivals
201 Cameron Falls Dr. P.O. Box 144
Waterton Park T0K 2M0


  • Education and Interpretation
  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Start Time - Afternoon
  • Start Time - Evening
  • Start Time - Morning

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John Evens 8/4/2018
The Waterton Lakes National Park Activity Guide on page 49 describes photography workshops and guided excursions, but this is no mentioned on the web page. Are these available, when, where and how much do they cost?
Frank - Waterton Festivals 8/21/2018
Hi John, we are working on the schedule and all events will be published within the next days.
Monique Withers 9/17/2018
An observation. The presentation by Mr Carlsson was very interesting. Instead of separating humans and wild anilmals through conservation behind park fences and boundaries , we should follow the lead of the Blackfeet people and celebrate coexistence and interaction. MW from Calgary