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Cruickshank Family

Meet the Cruickshank Family

The Cruickshank family is going on 6 generations of service in Waterton Lakes National Park! The family was first acquainted with Waterton as Archie Maclean was hired to haul logs for the construction of the Prince of Wales Hotel. Archie had two sons, David and Neil MacLean, who would later own the Maclean General Store and the original Dance Hall in Waterton. In the last 100 years the MacLean bloodline has managed or owned over 9 businesses. Dave and Carol Cruickshank still own the original Stanley Hotel from 1927. In the building you can find Evergreen, Gust Gallery's and Lost Art Jewelry (see above photo). The Stanley Hotel is one of Waterton's first commercial buildings that still stands today and looks almost exactly the same.

Waterton Businesses:

Carol MacLean married David Cruickshank; now Carol and David Cruickshank who had three kids: Don, Laura and Bob, who all help manage the family’s businesses:

Laura (husband Rod Bullock) & Bob (wife Krystal Cruickshank)
Zum’s Eatery
Zum’s Merchantile Shop
Beaver Tails

Carol, Dave & Don Cruickshank
Akamina Gifts
Evergreen Gifts

Fun Family Fact:

Waterton must have cupid's arrow lingering about as three of the family members met and fell in love in Waterton! These family members include Carol’s parents (Lawrence & June MacLean), Carol & Dave Cruickshank and Bob & Krystal Cruickshank!

Favorite thing about Waterton:

Our favourite thing about Waterton is that people come to here to make memories and we are fortunate enough to get to play a part in these experiences; whether that be a wedding, family reunion, date night or an epic game of "I spy" in the Zum’s dining room while waiting out a rain shower.