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Uibel Family

Meet the Uibel Family!

Over sixty years and three generation as part of the Waterton family!

Ross Uibel started working at the Prince of Wales Hotel as a teenager in 1958 and continued working summers here until 1969. In 1977, he and his wife, Lorna, opened the family's first gift and clothing store, Caribou Clothes. In 1986, they built the current home for The Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlour, The Big Chunk Fudge Shop and Caribou Clothes, and they've been operating here ever since. Their business in the neighboring town of Mountain View is run by the 3rd generation of Uibels and in 2016 the Bear Mountain Motel joined the Uibel family as well. Family is what life is all about and they love to help and serve the community.

Businesses Owned:
Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlour
Caribou Clothes
Bear Mountain Motel
Social Media:
Caribou Clothes
Bear Mountain Motel

Fun fact about family:
We always had a huge 11.4L tub of ice cream in the freezer and everyone had a bowl every night—a tradition that continues throughout the family to this day!

Favorite thing about Waterton
Our favorite memories are making sand castles and playing with the snake grass at Marquis Hole with Nana Uibel. We love all the hikes, biking to Wall Lake, and of course, ending the day returning to the townsite for an ice cream cone.