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Photo: The epic vista of Prince of Wales hotel and the peaks of Waterton greet visitors as they approach town.Gord McKenna – Gord McKenna
Photo: – Andrew Pavlidis
Photo: The clear waters of Waterton Lake at the edge of town. – Gord McKenna
Photo: – Andrew Pavlidis
Photo: The mountains of Waterton Lakes National Park give way to the Alberta prairies. – Gord McKenna
Photo: A warm spring evening in Waterton. – JD Hiker
Photo: Waterton is the wildflower capital of the world. – Gord McKenna
Waterton is a place where natural wonder, history and people come together in a profoundly…
There are places on earth that practically defy description – places so unique and so…
Come discover why Waterton is the Wildflower Capital of Canada! We invite you to step into a…